Financial Health

The Women’s Shelter Program of San Luis Obispo County (WSP) prides itself on its ability to operate in a financially healthy and efficient manner. On this page you can view our agency’s most recent audited financial statement, which outlines the various income and expenses associated with the agency’s provision of services during the year.

The agency is proud of its ability to render client services in a cost-effective fashion with minimal administrative or operational overhead. The vast majority of income goes directly into providing client services. In fiscal year 2012-2013, only 8% of agency resources were allocated for administrative purposes (please 2012/2013 Financial Audit below). This is significantly less than the 20% or more expended by many nonprofit organizations for similar purposes. These financial indicators stand as further evidence of the agency’s fiscal efficiency, dilligence and stewardship of donor funds. These characteristics are also reflective of the agency’s overall capacity to maximize private, foundation and corporate funding while avoiding potentially wasteful practices.

The WSP is a strong believer in public accountability and transparency. We encourage prospective donors to make informed decisions by seeking out accurate information about the nonprofit organizations they are evaluating. Guidestar ( is one such industry-recognized source of information regarding public financial documents from nonprofit organizations.

2015/16 990 Tax Return

2012/2013 Financial Audit

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