Beat the Punch Tool Kit


Welcome to the Beat the Punch Tool Kit!

Beat the Punch is a violence prevention program executed by the Domestic Violence Task Force of San Luis Obispo County, funded by the Center for Disease Control. Please feel free to download the Tool Kit and read the Program Description for an introduction into our primary prevention program.

In the tool kit, you will find everything you need to begin thinking about how you might want to implement a prevention program in your own community. The WSP prevention team would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding Beat the Punch. Remember that every community is different, so just because Beat the Punch proved to be successful for San Luis Obispo does not mean it would produce the same results in your community. In addition to taking a look at our tool kit, you can visit this website: for more information from our state coalition, California Partnership to End Domestic Violence.

To talk to someone in person about starting a prevention program in your community, please feel free to contact anyone from WSP’s prevention team, our contact information is listed below. Thanks for visiting!

Beth Raub, Director of Outreach and Volunteer Services
(805) 781-6401 x202

Paige Wopschall, Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator
(805) 781-6401 x225

Sarah Ou, Prevention Coordinator


Download the Beat the Punch Tool Kit here!

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