Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I receive services even if I don’t want to come to your emergency shelter?
A: Yes. Although the Women’s Shelter Program’s (WSP) name includes the word “shelter,” the agency provides a wide range of support services. Individuals do not need to stay at our emergency shelter in order to receive counseling services, temporary restraining order assistance, and other support services.

Q: I need to talk to someone, but I don’t want to be pressured to leave my relationship. Can I still receive services?
A: Yes. We understand that leaving a relationship is difficult and that individuals want to assess their options. Our staff and dedicated volunteers understand this and will not judge or pressure you to leave the relationship. We can offer you information and resources if you choose to request it.

Q: I heard that the Women’s Shelter Program (WSP) only helps women. I’m a male who is looking for services. Can you help me too?
A: Absolutely! The Women’s Shelter Program was named in 1977 and while we are proud of our legacy, we recognize that intimate partner violence affects individuals of all genders. The WSP offers safety, emergency shelter, counseling, legal services and other support services to male victims as well. 

Q: My partner and I want to receive couples counseling to work things out. Do you offer this service?
A: No. Due to safety standards in the domestic violence field, we do not offer conjoint or couples counseling when there have been instances of abuse or violence. The most beneficial counseling to address abuse in a relationship is for both partners to receive individual counseling. This prevents the abusive partner from using couples counseling as a way to manipulate the victim and exert power and control over them.

Q: I fear that I might be at risk for perpetrating violence or abuse. Where can I get help?
A: The WSP provides counseling services to “self-referred” (non-court mandated) individuals who are concerned that their behavior might be abusive or potentially abusive. Counseling services for self-referred individuals at risk of perpetrating violence are offered on a sliding-scale basis. Please call 805-473-6507 for more information. If you are seeking a court mandated batterer’s intervention program, you can call Solutions Unlimited at (805) 459-4849.