Trainings & Presentations

Community Outreach, Education & Prevention Services

For information about trainings and presentations please contact us at

(805) 781-6401, ext., 225 or

The Women’s Shelter Program is committed to building a community free of violence and abuse through prevention, intervention, and community education efforts.

Specific trainings and presentations are offered to groups and public agencies about intimate partner violence and community resources. Presentations are also available to community organizations, schools and classrooms, churches, law enforcement, and the medical community. The Women’s Shelter Program can design presentations specifically for your organization’s needs. Our speakers are experts in the field of intimate partner violence prevention and services. Some of the available presentation topics are:

  • Intimate Partner Violence 101
  • Services of the Women’s Shelter Program
  • Why Victims Stay
  • The Effects of Intimate Partner Violence on Children
  • Helping a Friend in an Abusive Relationship
  • Appropriate Ways to Intervene

…along with other subjects regarding Intimate Partner Violence that your organization is interested in learning about.

The Women’s Shelter Program is also available to table at resource fairs.

If you would like to schedule a presentation, training or tabling event, please contact Maddie White, AmeriCorps VIP Fellow, at or (805) 781-6401, ext., 225